Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Flu Vaccine Propaganda

Recently my step-kids came back from private school with the fear-mongering propaganda below:


The papers talk about how the flu is deadly and that vaccination is the "best" way to prevent the flu.  This is utter and complete nonsense.  First of all people do NOT die of the flu virus.  The so-called "flu-associated" deaths are most likely from iatrogenic infections which the person acquires during hospitalization!  

When I was in college and uneducated about the risks of vaccines, I was persuaded to take the flu vaccine.  Much to my dismay, I became sicker than I had ever been in my entire life.  I was bed-ridden for 2 days, miserable, with the flu.  I would never wish that demise on anyone and I never want to experience that again.  I should mention that I was otherwise very healthy and fit. 

Under the section of is the flu vaccine safe, they fail to mention reactions like the one that I had.

Under the benefits of getting a flu vaccine they say that the shot can keep your child from getting sick.  Again they miss the opportunity to disclose that the recipient of the injection can BECOME extremely sick!

The claim that the flu vaccination may make your illness milder if you do get sick is not supported by any scientific data,  In fact, all so-called "studies" that they reference in this literature do not have any sources sited!  Where is it published (in a peer-reviewed journal)?  Who funded the $tudy?  What was the sample size?  What was the nature of the study?  What are the confounding variables?  Show me the evidence.  You can not make such outrageous claims without any evidence to back it up!

Under other ways to protect against the flu they fail to mention nutrition, vitamins, hydration, exercise, rest, and sleep.  

Under medicine to treat the flu, they only mention conventional meds, no natural (herbal or vitamin/mineral) immune supporting antivirals.

They fail to mention the toxic and disgusting ingredients in the flu vaccine which include: mercury, gelatin, formaldehyde, and MSG.

I disagree with their recommendation that pregnant women get the shots.  Pregnant and lactating mothers transfer these toxins to their baby!  Mercury and other heavy metals stay in the body forever and MSG is a neurotoxin.  Heavy metal can deposit in the brain (which is particularly susceptible to heavy metal toxicity).  These are not health conscious recommendations!  The risk of the vaccine is worse than the risk of the flu!

They do give a very important piece of information, "Flu viruses are constantly changing and so flu vaccines are updated often to protect against the flu viruses that research indicates are most likely to cause illness during the upcoming flu season."  This is the most important and true statement in the entire handout.  The viruses and changing and mutating all the time and the vaccines are being updated some of the time.  Also, science doe not have a crystal ball to predict which viruses are going to be most active at any point in time.  I do not want anyone playing Russian roulette with my health when the shot contains heavy metals and other chemicals which are not fir for human consumption!

Conventional Iconic Doctor Oz says
NO FLU SHOTS for his wife and children!

Here is some additional information from my previous posts about the flu:


The scare-tactic data of soaring high death rates provided by the CDC in their brochure was from between the years 1918 and 1919. Hello? We have antibiotics since the 1940’s!!! That data is totally and completely IRRELEVANT! Are you kidding me? Using pre-antibiotic information to scare stupid people into taking the vaccine so big pharma and the gov can make more money off of us! Good grief!!!

The CDC has the audacity to state, “Before the vaccine” prior to their ridiculous statistics in order to make it look like the vaccine is what saved the day. NO, it should say before antibiotics, sanitary water, and hygienic living conditions!!!

Granted the flu is a virus, if it is left untreated the weakened immune system is susceptible to a super-imposed bacterial infection, which is what all those millions of people died from! No one EVER died from the FLU!!! See Merck page 1288, “ Although even healthy people demonstrate defects in lung clearance and ventilation for several weeks after acute illness, RECOVERY IS THE RULE in uncomplicated influenza.”

The CDC website says the following about potential adverse effects:
Severe problems:
· Life-threatening allergic reactions from vaccines are very rare. If they do occur, it is within a few minutes to a few hours after the shot.
· In 1976, a certain type of influenza (swine flu) vaccine was associated with Guillain-BarrĂ© Syndrome (GBS). Since then, flu vaccines have not been clearly linked to G.B.S. However, if there is a risk of G.B.S. from current flu vaccines, it would be no more than 1 or 2 cases per million people vaccinated. This is much lower than the risk of severe influenza, which can be prevented by vaccination.

Treatment: rest, naturopathic or homeopathic remedies, hydration, symptomatic relief to prevent bacterial super-imposition and appropriate antibiotics if super-infection occurs.

CONCLUSION: The CDC brochure is purposely misleading people into erroneous thinking by deliberately presenting skewed data! This is totally unethical and nothing less than outrageous! No one ever died from the flu. We can successfully treat it with modern medicine!


Given at 6, 12 months and then once a year. Vax contains mercury, gelatin, formaldehyde, MSG

Possible side effects include: Guillain Barre syndrome, encephalopathy, facial and arm paralysis, visual problems.

Virtually all cases of the flu pass without consequence.  And the disease isn’t usually treated anyway, so why bother with the vax? 

There are less than 60 deaths per year in children up to 14 years old.  Complications of the flu usually occur in the elderly or people with chronic heart, lung, or immune system diseases (p. 121-123).  Children with asthma, diabetes or chronic health diseases are recommended to take the vaccine but otherwise healthy people do not need the shot.

People who SHOULD NOT be given the vax include those with: egg allergy, past history of Guillain Barre syndrome, and children routinely taking aspirin.

Antivirals can make the course of the disease milder.
Dr Sears says, “I feel that the potential severity of the flu for infants and children has been hyped up by the media.  The actual number of fatalities on this age group every year is extremely small.  Combine this with the high rate of side effects and the unusual chemical additives in the shot, and it’s no wonder some parents shy away from making this a routine vaccine for their kids” (p. 134). 

CONCLUSION:  See highlighted paragraph above by Dr Sears from p 134 of his book.  It summarizes my sentiments very nicely!

HIB (the bacterial flu bug)

This vax is typically given at 2, 4, 6, and 15 months, by AAP guidelines. 

According to Dr. Sears, “severe cases of this disease are now extremely rare.”  There are only about “25 cases per year in the United States in kids under five years of age.”  And, “a breastfed baby who does not attend day care is at a particularly low risk of catching this illness” (p. 9).  My guess is that those 25 cases were in children who have weak immune systems, live in unhygienic circumstances and were possibly malnourished or impoverished without access to appropriate medical care.

He says that he hasn’t seen a single case of HIB in 10 years of practice and that since the disease is so rare, HIB isn’t the most critical vaccine (p. 12).

Dr Sears states that in the vaccine trials, “more babies who received the vaccine caught a serious HIB infection than those who didn’t get the vaccine!” (p. 8).

It seems to me that the risks of the side-effects of the vax such as Guillain-Barre syndrome are more common and more threatening than the bug itself. 

According to the CDC, “The risk of Hib vaccine causing serious harm or death is extremely small.”

CONCLUSION:  My baby is breastfed and not in day care.  Therefore, she is at low risk for catching HIB, which is anyway a rare bug with rarely grave consequences.  Since the vaccine is known to have caused serious harm or death, why would I want to take that “small” chance???  No thank you!  We’ll stay healthy with breastmilk and naturopathic medicine and if need be, antibiotics!


According to the Merck Manual, “Haemophilus species are normally found in the upper respiratory tract and RARELY cause disease! (page 1166).

Antibiotic treatment varies depending on the site of infection.

According to the brochure, this condition was responsible for the death of 600 children a year (before the vaccine). I suspect that those 600 children were immune compromised, malnourished, probably not breastfed, without medical access and/or lived in poverty conditions with poor sanitation and hygiene. I doubt if any of them were the children of naturopathic doctors!

The vaccine contains ammonium-sulfite, and thimerosal.

CONCLUSION: This is a RARE condition, which can be successfully treated with antibiotics. 

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Holy Sister, THANK YOU!

Dearest Neshamaleh,

You don't know me but our lives are interconnected.  Today I read your enlightened #MeToo responsa and I sighed a breath of relief.  I had to reach out to you and share my story of how our lives are connected...

Unfortunately, I never met your father in person, but your cousin, Rabbi Naftali Citron was my Chabad Rabbi when I went to UC Santa Cruz from 1993-1996 as an undergrad.  Although my parents were secular Israelis at the time (now more observant BH), they sent me to Chabad Hebrew school from nursery through 7th grade so I could have a Jewish education but I never knew that your father wrote the melodies and songs that we sang!  I think every Camp Gan Israel around the world sings "Am Yisrael Chai.".

It wasn't until 2002, however, when I went to an IsraLight Shabbaton in the Catskills, New York that one of the attendees introduced me to your father's heartfelt stories on CD.  Those CDs were so touching and moving that they brought me to tears.

Later, when I wanted to share those CDs with my father, I found out that he had been to one of your father's concerts! 

When I came back to Seattle, I discovered that my neighborhood shul (in Seward Park, Washington) had a lay-led Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat break-off minyan.  Needless to say, I was a devoted regular!  The musical liturgy made a world of difference in the spiritual experience.  The melodies lifted up the words to a sublime place where your heart could be open and a connection with the words through song was flowing, deep, and meaningful.

My first job after grad school was as an Acupuncturist on a major cruise ship line.  They listed Friday night Jewish services on the itinerary but I went a few times and saw that the guests didn't feel comfortable leading the services and there was no one on board who was qualified to do it.  I called my Chabad rabbi in California and he said that under those circumstances, I had his permission and blessing to lead Kabbalat Shabbat services on the cruise ship.

Now this is WHY I am writing you this letter:  I had the honor and privilege to lead a Carlebach Kabbalat Shabbat minyan for almost 2 years on cruise ships around the world and is was mammesh a gevalt, as your father would say.  I had no training, just my previous attendance of shul in Seattle.  But I felt like I was there on shlichut.  Although acupuncture got me on board, leading the service was clearly my mission and true purpose for being there.  I wrote about it in my book.  Here's what I want you to know... Because of your father's melodies, people were brought to tears in my prayer service every single week.  I'm not kidding, I could hear them sniffling when I was on the bema (in our case a podium in a movie theater)!  After services I had a small Kiddush and I could see the people's bloodshot eyes from crying.  People told me that my services made them feel "closer to G-d."  Many people told me that the service was better than their rabbis at home.  I understand why.  Most religious services are automatic, robotic, boring and dry.  Your father's tunes tap into a dimension where people feel connection for the first time ever.  It brings them out of the void and into an ecstasy that they never knew existed within Judaism!  I remember a young man with dreadlocks told me, "for the first time in my life, I am looking forward to services next week."  THAT IS THE POWERFUL LEGACY OF YOUR FATHER!!!  There are many stories like that and people said on their comment cards that the service was a highlight of their cruise.  I also once merited to lead a Carlebach service for a group of ~100 Holocaust survivors.  What a high!!!

Because I wanted to experience everything Carlebach, I went to the Moshav that he established in Israel and I spent a lovely Shabbat there.  I was hosted by a couple sweet families and got to know members of Soulfarm and the Moshav Band, also great offsprings of your father's inspiration and influence.  I also read books about him such as Holy Brother and Lamed Vav.

Over the years, I wanted to share his light with others so that more people could be touched by it.  I created these videos and posted them online.  One day I was searching for an image of him to put in a video and I came across the disturbing allegations.

I framed this beautiful painting by Sheva Chaya 
and on the sides printed Rabbi Zalman Schachter- Shalomi's 
translation of Yedid Nefesh

I called up Reb Naftali to speak with him about it and it was clear that it was a very difficult thing to address in the Carlebach shul, where he is now the head rabbi, because while some people were demanding an apology, others were in complete denial.  There was no common ground or room for discussion.  So avoidance of the matter became the status quo. That is, until your brave and bold publication today.

In addition, I spoke with a local rabbi in South Florida where I live now, Rabbi Intrator, who was your father's right-hand-man, and he claimed to know nothing about the alleged incidents.

Recently after the #MeToo stories started pouring out, people have brought up those matters again, this time with social media, it could not be ignored.  I didn't like the way people were villainizing and demonizing your father.  It is as if a person could only be a sinner or a saint, as if all the good that a person has accomplished in a lifetime could be erased on the account of their shortcomings/mistakes/flaws.  Although I am also a survivor of sexual assault, and I have empathy for the pain and suffering of these women, there was so much anger and hatred and I felt like it was misplaced.  I felt like the demands to banish his music was totally unreasonable and unjustified and doesn't solve anything.  I tried to state my case/defense but just got bullied, attacked, and ridiculed.

Your father positively impacted countless people during his lifetime and ALSO countless people were positively affected by him AFTER he left this world.  That cannot be said about many people.  I'm just one person, who never even got to meet him, and yet he touched hundreds if not thousands through me!  It's a major ripple effect.  Imagine how many others like me never told you their stories!  Your father is doing kiruv from heaven through us!  Like the Lion King song: He lives in you and he lives in me and everyone he has reached!

Thank you for writing your beautiful and eloquent blog, it was just perfect.  I am so glad that you came forward and articulated your sentiments.  It was so well-written, balanced and thoughtful and open and loving and caring.

So besides seeing you in concert in Boca Raton, Florida several years ago, and an occasional interaction on Facebook, we have never really met either but I feel like I know you, holy sister.  And I want you to know that the bright light of the legacy of your father shines on and lives and on and I would like to propose a beautiful Hawaiian prayer song for healing any and all of the hurt hearts that are out there.  Let us sing together and replace the pain with love, IYH ve nomar Amen.


I have yet to visit your father's holy kever but I will make it my mission to make a pilgrimage there on my next visit to pay my respects to the very special man who opened so many hearts and I was blessed to be privy to a very small fraction of it! Thank you & namaste!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hoovy's America

  1.   The following would be the criteria to run for president of the United States:  Born in the USA with parents who are  American or otherwise legal immigrants without any doubt or mystery or sealed documents concerning these facts. The President should have military experience, legal experience, and have been an elected official. He or she should be over 40 years old and not involved in any scandals or crimes. Anyone with  past criminal history would be immediately disqualified. Nobody being investigated by the FBI should be allowed to run for president. If you are an elected official who is suspected of abusing their privileges, you do not deserve to be running for the highest seat in government.
  2.  I would get rid of the Democratic and Republican system. There would be 4 people running for president according to popular vote. All four people would get to debate. And all four of their vice presidents would also debate. The Democratic and Republican party system has failed us. It has divided us and torn our nation apart. It's time to get rid of a system that no longer serves us  and whose parties demonize one another.
  3.  Any candidate running for president must claim all of their paid advertisements by saying that they endorse the message at the end of the message. Candidates shall only be allowed to speak about what they have done in the past and what they want to do in the future. Anyone participating in smearing other candidates will be immediately disqualified and fined.
  4.  The Electoral College and Unbound delegate system would be gotten rid of. There would only be people voting for candidates and not representatives of the people who don't actually represent the people.
  5.  Mandatory childhood vaccinations would become elective. The government cannot force medicine on its citizens regardless of how Justified the government may feel in doing so. It is the people's choice what to put into their own bodies and how they wish to treat or prevent their own medical conditions. The government does not own your children or your body!
  6.  The people would retain the right to bare arms however there would be strict gun control laws. Anyone buying a gun must pass a psychological exam and a shooting class. There will be no automatic weapons only handguns allowed for the public and hunting animals will be restricted only if you are going to eat what you catch. There will be no hunting for sport.
  7.   I will tell Monsanto to go to hell and never come back. I would fine any grocery store or Market that sells their products.
  8.  Veterans will be given priority for medical services and will have a minimal waiting period for life-saving surgeries and procedures. People dying because they don't have access to Medicine in a timely manner is unacceptable.  Homeless people will also be taken care of and an attempt to rehabilitate those who accept assistance will be made.  It is important to understand that some people are homeless by choice and reject the assistance of the government.
  9.  There would be no drilling for oil in ways that compromise the safety or inyegrity of having clean drinking water for the American people. No Corporation or conflict of interest can compromise the of Health and safety of Americans.
  10.  Parents of children with pediatric cancers or other terminal illnesses will not be bound by the government to choose chemotherapy or other medical procedures. The parents shall consult with their Physicians and be free to make whatever educated decision that they choose including medical marijuana for epilepsy or pediatric cancer. No family will have to run away to another country or face the risk of having their children taken away from them because a certain medicine is being forced on them against their will.
  11.   The National Health Care system will include open access to holistic medicine providers and an emphasis on stress reduction and prevention will be made. Nutritionists, lifestyle coaches, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturist, chiropractors, massage therapist, and other holistic healers who are licensed from accredited institutions shall be approved Nationwide and their services will be available in hospitals and other medical facilities and will be covered by insurance.  if a person chooses not to have a health insurance, there will be no annual fine.
  12. Products made in China will be limited to 50% of the current Imports. This will stimulate the economy and help Americans to buy American-made products.
  13.   I would cut military spending in half and utilize the resources for implementing Alternative forms of energy such as windmills and solar power.
  14.   Any government officials such as police officers, judges, or other elected officials who are caught in scandals such as using excessive force, abuse of power, covering up crimes, putting innocent people in jail, planting evidence, accepting bribes, Child porn, drug trafficking or any other scandal shall be persecuted And held accountable for their actions to the highest extent of the law. No one will receive any special or favorable treatment or consideration simply because they were previously a government employee.  Zero tolerance for abuse!
  15.   Drug trafficking will be better monitored and investigated. All airplanes even private jets will be subject to thorough searches and anyone caught bringing drugs from foreign countries into America will face life in jail.
  16.  The government Shall Serve the People and not vice versa. The government will be an Institution of Law & Order and not organized crime. The inflated salaries of government officials will be adjusted to represent the national salaries of the people based on their education, experience, and other qualifications.

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Politics is a filthy world where insecurities, fears and shadows are projected on to the opponent. What we say about others, really means NOTHING about them, and reveals EVERYTHING about us! Let’s take a look at actions and reactions and make some logical conclusions:
TRUMP: I am bringing the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel).
LIBERALS: So what? You will ALWAYS be an antisemite in our minds no matter what you do. We HATE you and will fight you til the end!
TRUMP: My daughter, who I love very much, is Jewish.
LIBERALS: We don’t care! You are a NAZI! We HATE you (and will maintain our hatred regardless if your actions prove us wrong!)
TRUMP: I picked Jared Kushner, an Orthodox JEW, to be my main adviser. Many of my decisions pass by him.
LIBERALS: We HATE you and still believe that you are a KKK leader because you didn’t condemn their support of you during your presidential campaign (like we wanted you to).
TRUMP: I picked my cabinet! (over 50% are Blacks and minorities) I am so excited to move our nation to greatness along with these fine people.
LIBERALS: Your cabinet proves nothing! You are a WHITE SUPREMACIST and RACIST! We are going to block and delay your picks and make your life miserable!!!! We are going to make you wish you were never born. We HATE you and call for your resignation or assassination!!! We don’t care which, just GO AWAY!!!
TRUMP: In response to ISIS, my efforts to combat terror include taking strong measures to increase national security and border control.
LIBERALS: HITLER!!! We must resist, me must protest, we must boycott, we must get this man impeached!
TRUMP: My wife and daughter will be working together in DC on improving women’s issues in this country.
LIBERALS: BS! You are a MISOGYNIST! We are going to fight you tooth and nail (and wear vaginas on our heads to prove our point that you are disgusting)!
TRUMP: I placed women in the highest seats of government including my cabinet and gave them prestigious positions of leadership and power.
LIBERALS: We are going to oppose every single one of your RACIST picks. We HATE you!
TRUMP: I met with Bibi Netanyahu to discuss strengthening ties with our only democratic ally in the middle east, ISRAEL.
LIBERALS: We HATE you and insist you are an antisemite because you failed to properly answer the reporter’s question in the press conference about what are you going to do regarding the recent bomb threats to the JCCs across the country. You are despicable, repulsive, and a disgrace to this country. You are NOT my president. I am ashamed of you!
In the above actions and reactions, if we are objective, it is plain to see who the real problem is. The real problem is the haters. Once we decide a person is an evil super-villain, is there NOTHING that person can say or do to change your mind? If your mind is unchangeable my friends, YOU are the problem and you are projecting your fears, biases, insecurities and shadows on to him. Trump is FAR from perfect. His response to the reporter was NOT ideal but I believe he deserves to be given a chance. He will make plenty of mistakes, but I believe his intentions are genuine and good. Calling him 45 is a disgusting act of verbal or cyber annihilation similar to the number tattoos that the Nazi’s gave the Jews. I have a couple friends who are doing this and I find it so offensive that I often contemplate ending the friendship because I do not wish to associate myself with people who can justify reducing other human beings into numbers and stripping them of their humanity.
Relationships are like mirrors. Everything that we hate about Trump are things that we disown, reject, and subconsciously hate about ourselves. Don’t hate the mirror, instead go deep inside and deal with your own psyche that is screaming out for healing and attention. Maybe one day you can even thank Trump for being the impetus to show you the aspects of yourself that needed nurturing and healing.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Man in a Can

By Shoshanna Schmalz

There once was a man who grew up in a can. The can was secure and stable and provided protection of the unknown. As a child, he longed to be free and endlessly searched for a way out. He pushed on the walls in all directions and tested their strength, but to no avail. They were securely held together with generations of woven webs. He had searched for cracks in the walls or a secret door he could open, but he could not find any. He was routinely discouraged by the adults in the can, “Why would you want to go anywhere?” they asked him, “Everything that you need is right here in the can.” They distracted him with treats, shiny toys, and empty promises. He was told that there is no way out and that this is just how it is.  

So as he grew he filled his life with menial thoughts and tasks and filled his can to the brim with worthless treasures. He spent most of his time worshiping his treasures, counting them and shining them. He took pride in his junk as if he was worth that which he owned. He became so accustomed to the can that the inner calling to find a way out grew fainter and fainter and was almost forgotten.

Then one day, while walking by the mirror as he had done countless times before, he took a really close look. He noticed that the mirror was full of dust and smears that had gathered there over time. He started to clean the mirror and as he washed away the grime of years, it became an obsession. He cleaned and cleaned and scrubbed and scrubbed until it was crystal clear. Then he took a look into the mirror and for the first time he could really see himself. He noticed aspects that he had never seen before. As he looked closer, he noticed something sticking up from behind his shoulders. He had wings! Had they been there all along? How had he not noticed them before?

He spread his wings and flew. He flew right out of the can. As he soared higher and higher looking out over the glories of the world. He could see the can and all its contents far below him, small and cluttered and limiting. All the worthless treasures that he had gathered throughout his lifetime were meaningless in comparison to the freedom and wonders of the world.

All was clear and all was simple.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Spotting an Online SCAM!

There are many ways innocent people are taken advantage of.  One of them is online financial scams.  If you are selling something on ebay, Amazon, Craigslist or any other website or you are hired online or otherwise as an independent contractor to perform a job BEWARE!  If the people send you more money than was agreed upon STOP, do not deposit the money, it is a SCAM.  The check will bounce!  They will pressure you to send a money gram for a portion of the check that they gave you to a 3rd party!  This is how they move money to people and it can't be traced back to them!  Many unsuspecting good Samaritans or naive people will fall prey to this trap and the check only bounces AFTER they already sent the money gram and they can be out thousands of dollars!!!

Sometimes the scammers will say that they are calling from the IRS, water or power company and scare you that you will go to jail or your utilities will be cut off if you do not pay immediately.  Do NOT be fooled.  Ask for a call back number to verify.  Make sure you have their mailing address and once you dig a little you will realize that they are trying to pull one over you!

TRUST your intuition!  If something doesn't feel right, doesn't make sense, is too good to be true, is fishy, suspicious or just bizarre, protect yourself and don't give your personal information such as account numbers, credit cards, etc.

Be careful and proceed with caution when dealing with online business transactions.   Don't be a victim of online fraud! Warn your family & friends so it doesn't happen to them either please repost!  Knowledge is power.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Don't wait til it's too late!

In the event that you do become a victim of fraudulent money transfers, notify your financial institution immediately so that you do not incur additional charges when the check bounces.  Notify the website where you found these people so they can be banned and file a report here  The police have no jurisdiction over cross country and international scams but make a report anyway!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

An Open Letter to Pope Francis

The duty of a religious leader 
is to usher in an era of world peace and unity.

Dear Pope,

I want to start by acknowledging the recent good works of the Catholic Church.  It takes a big people and an even bigger faith to come forward and admit to wrongdoings, express sincere regret and concern, and show a deep commitment to preventing such offenses from happening in the future.  Your condemnation of sexual abuse in the Church is something to be proud of and something that the world community needed and wanted and is very much thankful for.  As a religious leader, the world looks to you to set an example and to set moral boundaries and to make ethical decisions based on the tenets of your faith and the Bible. Thank you for your efforts in setting the record straight and for doing sometimes uncomfortable or embarrassing work for the greater good.  It is certainly commendable.  In taking such actions you have demonstrated yourself to be kind, compassionate and fair. For these reasons and more, you are greatly admired not only by your people but by the general public.

I recently read this article which states that the Vatican has announced that Jews don't need Christ to be saved.

My initial reaction was sarcastic, "What a relief!  Now I can sleep peacefully at night."  

Then I thought, "Thank you so much Mr Pope, for not shoving your religion down our Jewish throats.  But what about everyone else who doesn't believe in Jesus?  What about Buddhists, Daoists, Hindus, Native Americans, African tribes, Shamen, and other religions who don't share your views on Jesus?  Do they get a free pass too?  Why not?  How can there be a double standard?  We Jews are not selfishly interested in the salvation and redemption of only our own people.  Our mission is TIKKUN OLAM, Healing the World!  So your proclamation begs the question, what about all the righteous gentiles who don't believe in Christ?  Why are you indirectly asserting that their inevitable fate is eternal damnation?"  

Is a Buddhist monk who has done good to others his whole entire life but does not believe in Jesus allowed to enter the Kingdom of your Lord?  Does it make sense that a Christian murderer would be welcomed in heaven because of his belief in Christ but a monk or a yogi who never harmed another soul would not be welcomed?  I do not believe in such propaganda, discrimination, and lies.  This type of scare-tactic was employed to entice others to covert by offering them a free pass into heaven.  We have evolved since the dark ages and we don't buy that story any more.  

What happened to all the Biblical sages who were born before Christ?  Where did Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Noah, Moses, Aaron and King David and their holy wives, go after they died?  It's time for the church to come clean and admit that it was never true. NO ONE is going to eternal hell for not believing in Christ. 

God loves all His children regardless of what they believe in.  Religion does not define who a person is.  A person's actions defines them, not their beliefs.  Religion is only a framework into which humanity ascribes teachings and imparts values onto people.  Religion is meant to make people better people but if it fails to do so, do we blame the religion or the person?  Each individual is responsible for the choices he or she makes.  A religious belief cannot compensate for despicable actions that are crimes against humanity.  If Hitler believed in Christ, does that mean he is automatically "saved?"  

Members of the terrorist KKK organization are Christians.  Are they automatically forgiven for their hatred and racism because they believe in Jesus?  What kind of a God would allow belief in Christ to supersede over a lifetime of evil actions?  Only a sick and cruel one.  Is that the God you believe in?  What good does it serve to be a "good Christian" and a "bad person?"  I believe that God would prefer the opposite.  Be good, do good, and the belief in your heart is secondary.

Please correct me if I am wrong but it is my understanding that the Catholic Church took King Solomon's Temple vessels from the Jews in Jerusalem and the Catholic Crusaders killed thousands of Jews who didn't accept Jesus and denounce their faith and convert. 

Why do you think we, the Jews, need your stamp of approval to escape eternal damnation-- which is a concept that the Catholic Church invented and imposed upon any non-Christ believers?  Why does the Catholic Church get to make up and enforce the rules of who gets to enter Heaven?

I know your heart is in the right place and I appreciate the thoughtful gesture of this recent announcement.  It's really a nice intention but I think you can do much better Mr Pope‪‎ For instance, the Catholic Church can apologize for murdering people who didn't accept Christ and give the Jews our Holy vessels taken from our Sacred Temple back.  Actions speak louder than words and by doing this, we will know that you are indeed sincere!  It is time for the Church to set a leadership example, in light of all the terrorism happening in the world in the name of religion, and to take responsibility for the blood on its hands.  Tell the terrorist organizations of the world, "We have done what you are doing and we were wrong and we regret it.  The Jews are our friends and allies and we do not seek to convert them or force our views on them or harm them.  Neither should you."  

You have already made affirmative, loud and clear statements in support of the Jewish State, Israel, and her right to peacefully exist.  You have made strong statements against anti-semetism.  I have profound respect for you for that.  Standing for truth is bold, brave, and beautiful.  It is because of your uprightness and history of humanitarian efforts that I believe that it is within your ability and even obligation to heal the wounds between us.  I believe that is what you are trying to do and I believe that you can reach higher and accomplish even more.  May God bless you with strength to do so!

Respectfully yours,
Ahuva the Jewess  

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