Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kill 'em Therapy

although the walls are beautifully painted
they scream of bloody murder
people don't come here to live
they come here to die
and they don't even know it
because it's a grand illusion.
i wish i could tell them, help them, save them
but i can't
i can't tell them that the medicine they are being given is killing them
or that i know of something better
as the bald father and son roll by on the wheelchair
my heart sinks
because i care
too much.
rolling to their destiny and fate
it's much too late
the father's eyes meet mine
chills run up my spine
i feel sympathy & gratitude all at once
suddenly the triviality of all my problems is shown to me
i'm humbled
the look of terror on the bald father's face
he shaved his head so that his chemo kid wouldn't feel alone
his helpless bald son so frail and pale sitting in his lap
maybe for the last time

Super Sexy Selfies

You're beautiful honey!  Save your bikini for the beach!

dear ladies,
please show some class
instead of your tits and your ass.
if you move too fast
it sure won't last.
and then you try to demand respect,
seriously? what the heck!
respect yourself first
those half-naked pictures are the worst.
i wish you could see
how objectifying they can be.
please put on your clothes
everybody already knows
that you have those body parts.
if you want a real connection show us your mind, spirit, and heart.
women are more than a body
but this you seem to ignore
so please for your mother's sake 
don't post that shit no more!
your future husband won't like the idea
that every man on facebook as seen your every curve
and it might even prevent him from having the nerve
to ask you out on a date
because his mother taught him not to mate
with a woman who shows it all before the first date.
there needs to be something left as a mystery
something that is sacred and only he can see.
something private and personal too
that's what a self-respecting woman does do.
so stop flashing those trashy posts in my face
it's cheap and degrading and so out of place.
no cleavage at the gym and not on facebook
you don't need to objectify yourself for a man to take a look.
so before you leave the house, make sure it's all covered
and stop taking tasteless selfies, it won't attract a worthy lover.
a man who sees you like that only wants one thing dear
and it's not to make you his wife or anything near.
not to mention all your religious friends who see your naked post
i feel those are the people who it offends the most.
the rabbis and pastors and orthodox friends
don't want to see your tits or your rear end.
so please think before you post
about the desired outcome that you want the most.

The REAL Oprah!

Reality check!
Cindy Crawford said "I wish that I looked like Cindy Crawford!"
Anyone could look amazing with the right make up, hair, lighting, and photoshop! Don't be fooled by the media. In fact, the less media, the better!

Mad props to Oprah for posting how she really looks while cooking at home 
without the professional makeup, wig, and special lighting.