Wednesday, December 16, 2015

An Open Letter to Pope Francis

The duty of a religious leader 
is to usher in an era of world peace and unity.

Dear Pope,

I want to start by acknowledging the recent good works of the Catholic Church.  It takes a big people and an even bigger faith to come forward and admit to wrongdoings, express sincere regret and concern, and show a deep commitment to preventing such offenses from happening in the future.  Your condemnation of sexual abuse in the Church is something to be proud of and something that the world community needed and wanted and is very much thankful for.  As a religious leader, the world looks to you to set an example and to set moral boundaries and to make ethical decisions based on the tenets of your faith and the Bible. Thank you for your efforts in setting the record straight and for doing sometimes uncomfortable or embarrassing work for the greater good.  It is certainly commendable.  In taking such actions you have demonstrated yourself to be kind, compassionate and fair. For these reasons and more, you are greatly admired not only by your people but by the general public.

I recently read this article which states that the Vatican has announced that Jews don't need Christ to be saved.

My initial reaction was sarcastic, "What a relief!  Now I can sleep peacefully at night."  

Then I thought, "Thank you so much Mr Pope, for not shoving your religion down our Jewish throats.  But what about everyone else who doesn't believe in Jesus?  What about Buddhists, Daoists, Hindus, Native Americans, African tribes, Shamen, and other religions who don't share your views on Jesus?  Do they get a free pass too?  Why not?  How can there be a double standard?  We Jews are not selfishly interested in the salvation and redemption of only our own people.  Our mission is TIKKUN OLAM, Healing the World!  So your proclamation begs the question, what about all the righteous gentiles who don't believe in Christ?  Why are you indirectly asserting that their inevitable fate is eternal damnation?"  

Is a Buddhist monk who has done good to others his whole entire life but does not believe in Jesus allowed to enter the Kingdom of your Lord?  Does it make sense that a Christian murderer would be welcomed in heaven because of his belief in Christ but a monk or a yogi who never harmed another soul would not be welcomed?  I do not believe in such propaganda, discrimination, and lies.  This type of scare-tactic was employed to entice others to covert by offering them a free pass into heaven.  We have evolved since the dark ages and we don't buy that story any more.  

What happened to all the Biblical sages who were born before Christ?  Where did Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Noah, Moses, Aaron and King David and their holy wives, go after they died?  It's time for the church to come clean and admit that it was never true. NO ONE is going to eternal hell for not believing in Christ. 

God loves all His children regardless of what they believe in.  Religion does not define who a person is.  A person's actions defines them, not their beliefs.  Religion is only a framework into which humanity ascribes teachings and imparts values onto people.  Religion is meant to make people better people but if it fails to do so, do we blame the religion or the person?  Each individual is responsible for the choices he or she makes.  A religious belief cannot compensate for despicable actions that are crimes against humanity.  If Hitler believed in Christ, does that mean he is automatically "saved?"  

Members of the terrorist KKK organization are Christians.  Are they automatically forgiven for their hatred and racism because they believe in Jesus?  What kind of a God would allow belief in Christ to supersede over a lifetime of evil actions?  Only a sick and cruel one.  Is that the God you believe in?  What good does it serve to be a "good Christian" and a "bad person?"  I believe that God would prefer the opposite.  Be good, do good, and the belief in your heart is secondary.

Please correct me if I am wrong but it is my understanding that the Catholic Church took King Solomon's Temple vessels from the Jews in Jerusalem and the Catholic Crusaders killed thousands of Jews who didn't accept Jesus and denounce their faith and convert. 

Why do you think we, the Jews, need your stamp of approval to escape eternal damnation-- which is a concept that the Catholic Church invented and imposed upon any non-Christ believers?  Why does the Catholic Church get to make up and enforce the rules of who gets to enter Heaven?

I know your heart is in the right place and I appreciate the thoughtful gesture of this recent announcement.  It's really a nice intention but I think you can do much better Mr Pope‪‎ For instance, the Catholic Church can apologize for murdering people who didn't accept Christ and give the Jews our Holy vessels taken from our Sacred Temple back.  Actions speak louder than words and by doing this, we will know that you are indeed sincere!  It is time for the Church to set a leadership example, in light of all the terrorism happening in the world in the name of religion, and to take responsibility for the blood on its hands.  Tell the terrorist organizations of the world, "We have done what you are doing and we were wrong and we regret it.  The Jews are our friends and allies and we do not seek to convert them or force our views on them or harm them.  Neither should you."  

You have already made affirmative, loud and clear statements in support of the Jewish State, Israel, and her right to peacefully exist.  You have made strong statements against anti-semetism.  I have profound respect for you for that.  Standing for truth is bold, brave, and beautiful.  It is because of your uprightness and history of humanitarian efforts that I believe that it is within your ability and even obligation to heal the wounds between us.  I believe that is what you are trying to do and I believe that you can reach higher and accomplish even more.  May God bless you with strength to do so!

Respectfully yours,
Ahuva the Jewess  

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Key to Success

The truth is that I didn't know exactly what was holding me back from succeeding in my life.  I could have been:

  • afraid of failure
  • afraid of success
  • afraid of change
  • afraid that the naysayers could be right
  • afraid of letting my light shine
  • doubting myself
  • feeling that I didn't deserve to be successful
  • not believing in myself 
  • (something else that I was not even aware of!)

or any combination of above.

Maybe my real problem was that I thought that I needed to know why I was not manifesting my desires when in truth, it really doesn't matter.  I really don't need to be able to pinpoint the exact incident at the exact age that caused me to have the incorrect perception(s) which held me back in life.  Obviously something was blocking my path to success and what I do know is that whatever it was, it was just a meaningless and insignificant STORY that I made up in my mind to justify a feeling that I had about something that happened.  If I ever have that breakthrough or epiphany or insight or information or discovery that would be very nice but if not, it's not anything to get attached to or hung up over.  It was what it was and that's that.  Whatever it was is in the past and I am free to create a future that is free of limitation and constriction.

So here's what was going on for me:

I decided to create a meditation MP3 business so that I can put unique meditations on the market which combine binaural beats, nature sounds, muscle relaxation, breathwork, positive affirmations, visualization, self-hypnosis etc to help people relax, decrease stress and obtain optimal health and wellbeing.  I created a broad range of topics from Chakra balancing to Smoking Cessation and more.  I used Kabbalah and all kinds of Spiritual teachings in my scripts.  It took a long time to get the right background music made and to edit the first six tracks but it took an even longer time for me to put the finished products on the market.  My deadlines kept moving from holiday to holiday, season to season, and it took me much longer than anticipated to actually launch the business by making the MP3 download available for purchase.  I don't know why exactly, but it doesn't matter.  Here is what I discovered.

Even after putting my product online, I was still hesitant to talk about it, share it, use it in my private and community acupuncture sessions and tell my colleagues about it.  In a sense, I was hiding it from the world, thinking my clients would probably prefer to listen to something else--the usual relaxation music that I played during their sessions.

Then, while in the midst of taking my Self Expression & Leadership Program through Landmark Education, I was somehow inspired to share the following link to my meditation downloads with 6 colleagues who I had just performed a staff community acupuncture session on.  One of my colleagues, a mental health counselor/therapist at the drug rehabilitation center where I also see patients, was intrigued and curious and made my very first meditation download purchase.  She enjoyed the meditation so much that she bought 3 additional meditation tracks from my online store.  And here's the best part...

She told me that she had a particularly difficult patient who came in very angry and hitting himself in the head and he was inconsolable.  She had him lay down on the couch in her office and she played one of my meditations for him.  She said that he calmed down and by the end of the session he walked out like a new person.

I was so touched, moved, and inspired that my meditation was able to have such a positive impact on someone's life that I started crying as my colleague shared with me her experience.  Then it dawned on me that all this time that I have been suppressing my self-expression by not sharing my meditations has prevented potentially many others from also experiencing a positive effect.  So I started playing my meditations for people during their sessions and they actually enjoyed and appreciated it.

And you know what?  Even if someone doesn't enjoy or appreciate it, that's not the end of the world either.  What matters is to authentically share oneself openly, vulnerably, and completely, without holding back.

So let your light shine bright.  Be fearless.  Do your thing & share it with the world!  The impact you can make is unknowable.  Believe in yourself.  These are words that are easy to intellectualize, but sometimes a little harder to really internalize and actually put into practice.  But taking small steps will exercise the muscle and that muscle (of sharing your true authentic self and allowing yourself to be vulnerable) will get stronger with practice until it becomes second nature and not something that is feared, or avoided.  If you are not sure where to start in harnessing your own personal power and attaining the achievements you wish to accomplish, Landmark Education has a 3 course curriculum that will set you up on the path to success in all areas of life.  Life is too short to not realize your potential, to walk around unable to make your dreams come true.  It might just be the greatest gift that you give to yourself.  And you know what?  You deserve it and so does your circle of influence and the world.  When you are liberated and inspired it has a ripple effect on those around you and it truly makes the world a better place.  We need more of that!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Origins of the Middle East Conflict

The history of the Middle East conflict is as follows: 

Abraham and Sara were barren. Sara told Abraham to take her servant Hagar and have a child with her since they could not conceive. Thus Ishmael was born. Miraculously Sara conceived and bore Isaac. Ishmael was jealous of Isaac because Isaac's mother was Abraham's beloved wife Sara, while his mother was the simple servant of Sara and the couple. For this reason, Ishmael terrorized Isaac. Sara saw in prophecy that if the 2 boys were not separated that Ishmael would end up killing Isaac. Abraham was reluctant to exile Hagar and Ishmael but because Ishmael was evil, he HAD to go! God intervened and told Abraham, "Everything that Sara says, you should listen to her!" Abraham gave 100% of his inheritance to Issac and sent Ishmael away with blessings that he should be a great nation.
Ever since then, the sons of Ishmael (Father of Islam/Muslims/Arabs) have been attacking the sons of Isaac (Jewish People/Israelites/Hebrews) because of their inferiority complex and inability to accept reality. This is the history of the middle east conflict. Ishmael, the blood thirsty hunter wants Isaac the quiet one dead. If Ishmael gets a piece of Isaac's inheritance, Ishmael will STILL not be satisfied. Ishmael will not be happy until he is his father's only son, the way he used to be and gets the ENTIRE inheritance. He never got over that. He never accepted the present reality of Isaac or Isaac's right to exist and that Abraham loved Isaac more since he was the son of Sara. Peace is not possible with a nation that denies one's right to exist, is full of hatred and violence and barbaric and without morals or any reverence for human life.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Blowing Off on Blown Off

In South Florida, on the DJ LAZ Morning Show, there is a very entertaining segment called Blown Off.  Every day, listeners call in and try to get answers as to why someone in their romantic life is blowing them off.  The show is good.  Too good in fact.  It is so good that I was sure it was staged, scripted and the "listeners" calling in had to be actors.  I sent the show producer Miss Bryan a private message on Twitter and he denied the show being scripted.  He said that she show is edited but that the stories are real.  So here's my beef...

The people being blown off, for the most part, appear to have NO IDEA what in the world they did wrong in order to deserve being banished.  When the major offense comes to the light it is often something very minor that could have been resolved very easily with open, honest communication.  Very often the alleged "deal breaker" was something that could have been fixed, given that the other person was made aware of the pet peeve that they were unknowingly committing and if they liked the other person enough to want to change it.  Some examples of "deal breakers" on the show included bad breath, clothing malfunctions, using the bathroom with the door open, and many other superficial and fixable issues that could easily be addressed and modified before unilaterally calling it quits. The main problem in these relationships is the lack of communication.  Most people are not mind readers.  They need to be told what is a turn on or turn off by the other person.  How can someone be expected to live by someone else's rules without even being made aware of them!

Person after person on the show was expected to live up to certain dating rules that they were not made privy to.  How in the world can a person win at a game when the other person makes up the rules and does not tell them what they are?  How in the world can someone think that them doing that is fair?  The other person never had a chance to begin with.  I believe all the callers who call into the show should wear this pin -->

What happens is this: Person A makes the rules, Person B unknowingly breaks one or more of the undisclosed rules.  Person B then calls the show to see why Person A is not returning his or her messages.  So Person A explains the rule that was violated and what happens next is both people engage in hurling a massive war of nasty words at each other.  These are the most vial, noxious, degrading, and demeaning insults.  That is why I thought the show had to be scripted.  How can SO MANY people naturally have such quick wit when it comes to being obnoxious, mean and rude?

So then you think, wait a minute.... you supposedly liked the person so much that you wanted to keep being with them and then you got rejected and now all the sudden you intensely hate and despise that person?  Where did that hate come from?  What is wrong with this picture?

I'll tell you what is wrong.  People are not loving or even caring about the other person at all.  If they did there would be no drama and the show would be kind, beautiful and boring.  People are loving themselves.  If they cared about the other person's thoughts, needs, wants, traditions, culture, and opinions etc they would want them to be happy even if (gasp) being happy meant that it excluded being with them.  People calling in are very simply just using each other as objects of self gratification and the minute the other person doesn't fulfill the role that they wanted them to play in their lives, all hell and chaos breaks loose.  The show could also be called Egomaniacs Anonymous.  That's what it really is.

There was one exception that I heard when two people seemed to really like each other and had a misunderstanding which was cleared up with communication (surprise) and then they proceeded to continue to give the relationship a chance.  Even such an innocent misunderstanding can also be a result of the ego clouding reality, causing people to doubt themselves and one another and to assume things falsely without seeking clarification.  The ego thinks that "it's all about me."  This can be disguised as having low self esteem or low self confidence because the person incorrectly thinks that it's their fault something isn't going right.  Again, it's all about them.

A simple skill such as truthful communication can easily clear up the confusion but the ego gets in the way and the couple has a hard time getting closure on their own, hence they call in to the show to exploit their loveless relationship and trash the rejector as if they never wanted them back in the first place.  Ego trip!!! Why do so many people want to have their dirty laundry aired on the radio for thousands of people's entertainment and amusement?  Ego trip!  People are willing to sacrifice their personal privacy over a few minutes of having their own semi-anonymous (assuming no one recognizes the voice, stats, MO, or first name) reality radio show!  I am still not convinced the show isn't scripted.  I mean the back and forth banter is just really super-creative. Someone had to think about those punch lines!!! But I digress...

The majority of the relationships crashed and burned on the show, sometimes revealing sexually explicit secrets about the lovers in a condescending and demoralizing way.  While I am guilty of listening to and enjoying the show, I do find it very sad that society functions this way.  The angry insults are a reflection that there was an ego badly bruised.  It is also a reflection that the person is really angry at themselves and is projecting that anger onto the other person.  They might be angry at themselves, for example, for sleeping with someone too quickly who didn't value them.  There was no trust or friendship as a foundation and it just exploded and never had a chance from the beginning.  But it is much easier to be angry at someone else and project the blame on them for silly fixable nuisances than it is to take a good hard look in the mirror and see where the source of grief is really coming from.  The things people claim are "deal breakers" are just a sorry excuse to end something that didn't feed their ego in the way that they wanted.

Taking a look at the drawing below reveals that the ego is running the Blown Off show 99% of the time.  If more people operated from the heart and soul, there would be no clashes and indeed no show.  Just love.  Wow, would anyone listen into a radio show that had couples being grateful, forgiving, respectful, honoring, tolerant, friendly, and loving?  Would a show like that get any air time at all?  Why is society so fixated on drama, chaos, confusion, and madness?  Could people find the same adoration for peaceful resolution of conflict that they find in pictures of puppies and stories that end in happily ever after?  Could we then use that as a model and inspiration to create the same happiness in our lives?  I would love to see the show take on a new direction and have heart and soul based relationships calling in and demonstrating to listeners how they can heal just about any wound in their relationship with communication, care, mutual respect, and altruism.  Instead, the show focuses on people who think the other human being is disposable and merely there to serve their needs and feed their ego.

In conclusion, I'd like to hear success stories, not distress stories.  I'd like to hear about happily ever after or at least happy.  Happy is good.  Miserable people comiserate and then blame their misery on other people.  When will people understand that everyone out there is just a reflection of what's inside of themselves?  There's a lot of healing that we need to do people.  A lot of self introspection and taking responsibility for our behavior if we want to have healthy fulfilling relationships.
Until then....

Ahuva Gamliel

Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Ultimate Cosby Show

Like millions of American, I grew up watching the Cosby show. I'd come home after school, do my homework, eat dinner, and sit down in the living room with my parents to enjoy a program that we thought was wholesome, innocent humor.

For millions of Americans, Cosby represented the American dream, the much sought after American lifestyle, and an all-American success story.  Regardless of race, the entertaining show captured our hearts and minds, gave us hope for a brighter future, and something to live-up to and strive for.  We were captivated by what seemed like such divine and sublime innocence.  Cosby played a doctor on the show and as Mr Huxtable, his behavior was respectable, classy, and humorous.  We just adored him.

As an adult I watched Cosby's comedy clip videos on YouTube and was very impressed by the fact that his jokes were always clean and never perverted.  There are plenty of comedians who make dirty jokes, sexual jokes, perverted jokes, and jokes with sexual innuendos, but Cosby's humor was always classy, clean, elegant, and eloquent and I respected that he didn't have resort to the lowest common denominator.  Unlike many other comedians, he didn't curse, swear, or use any vulgarity, or profanity in his stand up routines.    

On the surface he was just an exemplary citizen who deserved his vast fame and fortune.  He played the part of a great man, person, husband, father, leader, and entertainer very well.  So well in fact, that he fooled us all, he tricked us all, and he deceived us all.  And now we are left baffled and bewildered, trying to make sense of possibly the greatest deception of our time.

Had it been one of the comedians who was making perverted, crass, and crude jokes, we would have said, "We should have seen that coming."  But Cosby?  No one could even have imagined that the picture perfect celebrity role model could have been leading a double life all this time.  That beneath the surface of what we thought looked as close to perfection as it gets, was a rotten, despicable, and very sick and twisted human being.

We have been duped America.  And why this is such a big deal is that we made him rich.  We supported him, we bought tickets to his shows, we gave him the fame and fortune because we thought the act was real.  Had we known years ago what we know now, Cosby would not be rich and (in)famous, he'd be broke and behind bars!

When an American purchases a product because of certain healthy ingredients, and if it is later discovered that there was false advertisement and that the product did not in fact contain the ingredients that were listed on the label, the person can sue the company for false advertisement.  The person unknowingly bought a lie.  A company has a responsibility to list the correct ingredients on the label and if they omit or add something in-authentically, the damages caused to the public are grounds for legal action.

According to online sources, Cosby is worth approximately 400 million dollars.  I believe that the American people should file a class action law suit against Cosby for deceiving us.  We made him rich not knowing that all along he was a sexual predator and adulterer.  Although the statute of limitations have passed on the women he drugged and raped and he has settled out of court on some cases and who knows how many women out there have not come forward out of embarrassment, shame, or fear of negative publicity, we cannot sit still and allow this pervert to be a free man living in the lap of luxury.  

In the 2005 deposition tapes he admits to drugging and sexually abusing women.  Where is the justice?  We the American people are outraged, disappointed, disillusioned. betrayed, disgusted, angry, sad, confused, and shocked.  We have so many questions and no answers.  Why did he do it?  What causes a person to repeatedly drug and rape women?  How did he get the drugs?  On what basis did he select his victims?  How many victims were there? Is it a mental illness?  Is it curable?  Is it an addiction or a compulsion?  Why didn't he get help?  Does he know that it's wrong?  After he admitted drugging and raping women, how did his wife feel?  Why does she stay with him?  Does he feel any remorse?  Why hasn't he issued an apology?  Does he have a conscience? Is he a sociopath?

Each act had to be carefully planned and premeditated.  It's not like a murder case where someone can plea temporary insanity.  This was clearly an ongoing hidden insanity and the fact that it was such a well kept secret for so many years leads me to believe that he knew it was evil and he kept doing it anyway.  Was that part of the thrill?  The possibility of being caught or found out?

I wish Oprah or someone else could interview Cosby.  Does he have any regrets?  Does he realize that each victim can have a lifetime of emotional and trust issues due to his sexual abuse? Does he care?  

I would want to know the answers to all of the above questions in order to try to learn the mind of a pervert in order to prevent future women from falling prey to such predatory charismatic and charming characters who live double lives.  We have to protect our children from these masterminds of deception.  We have to learn as a society that not everything that glitters is gold.  Once again we have judged a book by its cover and we have been very, very wrong.  We must learn from our mistakes and try very hard not to make them again in the future.  

I mourn the loss of what I thought was a great man.  I feel sorry for all the victims and their families.  I feel a sense of unfairness about it all.  I feel unsettled.  I wish justice could be served.   I want closure.  I wish Cosby would be a decent person and say that he was sorry to all his victims and to the American people who he purposely deceived.  It's the least that he could do.  This really is the world of illusion.  I can only rest assured that he will be taken care of in the afterlife.

Cosby you broke our hearts but not our spirit.  America better rethink her laws when people admit to heinous crimes after the statute of limitations passes.  This lack of justice is upsetting and unsettling.

Take a bow Cosby.  The show is over.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Understanding Caitlyn

Gender, Sexuality, and Morality

A colleague of mine who has written books about communicating with angels once told me that men are gay* or trans because in a previous lifetime (or in many previous lifetimes) they were incarnated as women and the soul remained attached to their previous way of being/incarnation and was unable or unwilling to detach from those unconscious "memories" of a previous lifetime resulting in sexual orientation issues and issues of self-acceptance, and feeling like they were born the "wrong" sex or that there was some kind of genetic or biological mistake etc.  That is why, she claims, men can feel like deep down inside they are a woman, when they chromosomally aren't. 

It's a kind of spiritual maladjustment matter and a rejection of what is so in the present reality/incarnation.  I know some people will think that sounds totally absurd but it seems plausible to me, unless you have a better explanation.  I do like to try to understand things although I acknowledge that some things are beyond rationalization and human comprehension. 

The purpose of this post is not to ridicule, harm, disrespect or otherwise offend Jenner or anyone else who is trans, gay or any other orientation or lifestyle.  I am merely trying to understand and make sense of the perplexing world around me.  Frankly I don't understand it and the above explanation is the only thing that makes sense to me at the moment.  

I do not condone hate speech, homophobia, or cyber-bullying.  I am just expressing an idea that I would like to peacefully discuss with polite people.  I do not wish to shame, judge, or otherwise negatively portray anyone.  I am just seeking the truth.

I do believe in the sanctity of the bible and it was sexual immorality (men laying with men is defined in the bible as an abomination--not my words, God's) that caused the destruction of Sodom & Gemmora and the great Flood that only Noah and his family survived.  As we know, history repeats itself and if this grand pandemic sexual confusion and spiritual dis-ease is not indicative of an impending apocalypse, I don't know what is.  Perhaps nuclear Iran was part of the Creators plan based on all the chaos that is going on down here.  This could be the end of the world as we know it.  Iran hates the Western world and civilization.  My only hope is that they accidentally blow themselves up before they have a chance to unleash their fury on us.

But I digress... if a child of mine came out as gay or trans I would love and accept that child no matter what.  I would not want my child to undergo elective plastic surgery because of the potential life-threatening risk--remember Michael Jackson did not wake up from the anesthesia that he was given!  Moreover, I do not believe that a physical surgery can correct a spiritual malady.

I wonder if science will ever be able to pinpoint what makes a person gay or trans.  Genetics, brain chemistry, environmental influences, clinging to past-life unconscious memories, failure of the soul to accept and integrate into the present incarnation, or perhaps a combination of the above factors... or maybe just because they are.

*Naturally the same idea applies to lesbians.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gifts for Dads & Grads

It's June and for most of us it means it's time to shop for a present for Father's day, and/or for a beloved Graduate in our lives!

Searching for the perfect gift can be a challenge.  Here is a gift that your loved ones can use on a daily basis that YOU can benefit from too!  Guided-Meditation MP3 downloads!  Here's how it works. Click on this link to visit my Indiegogo campaign.  It will be live until August 2, 2015.  Decide which titles are best for you and them.  There are 5 meditations to choose from ranging from 19 to 26 minutes in length and the links below are to YouTube Demos of each meditation:

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So whether you want to empower the recent grad with some extra confidence to face the working world, or whether you want to help dad lose a few pounds or quit smoking, there is something for everyone!

All purchases receive a BONUS GIFT of 101 Power Affirmations for Personal Transformation!  It is a relaxing 14 minute track that will feed your conscious and subconscious mind with empowering affirmations in various areas of life including relationships, health, prosperity, nutrition and vitality!

This is the ultimate gift that keeps giving!  After you make your purchase online, you will receive a DropBox link via email to download the MP3s that you purchased.  Simply download the MP3 you purchased and then forward the link to your beloved dad or grad.

The more meditation titles you buy, the more you save!  The link will be active until the Indiegogo campaign ends.  We highly encourage sharing the link to the campaign on ALL social networks and use hashtag #bestgiftfordadsandgrads and also hashtag the person who referred you to us.  The person who refers the most friends who make meditation purchases will receive $100 CASH!  

There are so many stress-induced illnesses today!  Feel great that you are giving a gift that can reduce stress, improve feelings of wellbeing, and more!

We THANK YOU for your support and so will your Dad or Grad!

 Ahuva Gamliel

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Don't Waste Your Breath

When God created creation, He did it by speaking things into existence.  Genesis teaches us that God said "Let there be light, and there was light."  Likewise, human co-creators have been endowed with this awesome power of speech. In fact, the Hebrew words Abra Cadabra mean, "I will create as I speak."  And yet humans seem to be haphazard with their speech.  We say things we don't mean and we mean things we don't say.  One of my teachers says about the power of speech that, "The tongue is not like a sword, that when one goes to lift it up against another, one may change one's mind and put it back in it's sheath.  The tongue is like a bullet, once it is fired, there is no retrieval." From Avraham Greenbaum's Wings of the Sun.  Therefore we must carefully calculate not only every word we utter but also our tone of voice and body language when we deliver it so as to not hurt someone else's feelings.

There are many sayings from many traditions regarding the power of speech including the wisdom of silence.  Sometimes biting our tongue when we want to say something is the more enlightened and appropriate path.  We often say things that were better unsaid and we also often fail to say important things such as "I am sorry, I was wrong, please, thank you, and I love you."  Why is it so hard for us to say or not to say the right thing?

The particular speech issue that I wish to address in this discourse is when strangers or acquaintances profess the words, "I love you" to me.

I recently took a Landmark Education class and one of the participants went on and on professing his love to and for all the individuals in the class.  Honestly, when complete or virtual strangers tell me that they "love" me, it makes me want to barf in my mouth a little bit.  Okay, I am exaggerating to make a point and I am sorry for my over-dramatization but let me explain why it's so bothersome to me...

To me, loving someone means something very specific.  Regardless of whether it is romantic love, familial love, or neighborly love,  Love bears a HUGE responsibility.  Love is not to be taken lightly.  Love is a not only a profound and powerful emotion, it is also a verb describing certain specific and significant ACTIONS that people take when they are affected by such a condition.  These actions include nurturing the love by virtue of communication with the beloved and by providing evidence for its continued existence!  I don't need a reason to love someone but when I say I love someone it means I will be there for them.  It means they are important to me.  It means I care for their greatest good and more.

When people toss around, "I love you" today, I think what they really mean to say is, "I hold you in unconditional positive regard."  And that's great.  In fact, it is lovely, and yet it's not love.

I wish I could find that guy from my Landmark class and ask him precisely what did he mean when he proclaimed that he loved me (and everyone else in the class).  Does it mean that he:

1.  Would cook me Kosher chicken soup when I am sick?
2.  Would pick me up or take me to the airport at 3 or 4am?
3.  Would take me to the dentist and wait patiently for me to have my wisdom teeth extracted and then drive me home because I would still be under the effect of the general anesthesia and unable to drive?
4.  Would he humor my cranky attitude as the drugs were wearing off?
5.  Would he love me, listen to me, and humor me when I was at my worst?  Heart-broken?  Angry?  Irritated, or Exhausted?
6.  Would he go out of his way and inconvenience himself and sacrifice of himself for me or for my sake?
7.  Would he do something he had no interest in doing because it was important to me?
8.  Would he fight for my honor and defend me when I am not there?
9.  Would he support causes that are important to me?
10.  Would he lend me some money if I needed it?
11.  Would he help me move my home or office?
12.  Would he fix or wash my car or help me with chores?
13.  Does he even know anything about what matters to me?  Who I am?  What I stand for?
14.  Would he help promote by business as if it were his own?
15.  Would he go to family events with me such as holidays?
16.  Would he babysit my dog (if I had one) when I went out of town?
17.  Would he take care of me if I couldn't take care of myself?
18.  Would he even be able to prioritize me in his busy schedule?
19.  Would he stand by me when I have to go to court?
20.  Would he be willing to allow himself to be embarrassed for me?

To that classmate of mine:
Those are all ways to show me that you love me and if you're not interested or not willing to do them then you have absolutely no business abusing your power of speech and creating an illusion that has no weight and no meaning.  Your words are vapor.  You are not a creator, you are an illusionist, and how on earth can I even trust you if what you say is not true?  It doesn't make me feel good, it does just the opposite.

What are people trying to accomplish exactly by saying I love you to strangers?  I don't get it.  Can you "love" someone without caring about them?  Maybe you mean "I respect you" or "I like you?"  Can you be more specific or precise or just tell me the boundaries of your so-called "love?"  Like, I love you but don't call me before 10am.  Do you love me like you love coffee or flowers or sunshine?  That's not what love means to me.  To me I love you means, I got your back.  It means call me when you need me.  It means let me be your shoulder when you need someone to talk to.  It means I want you to be happy and I want you to succeed in life.  It means THIS:  

Relationships are built on trust and trust is gained by being impeccable with your word, as Don Miguel Ruiz says in his book the 4 Agreements.

So I prefer if people don't tell me that they love me unless they really mean it.  As the cliche goes, actions speak louder than words.  I am not a fan of fluff,  I don't want my ego fanned and it won't earn the person brownie points in my book.  It just really confuses me because I have no idea what they mean.

As my high school English teacher Mr Meyers used to say, "Show, don't tell."  First show me that you love me, then I will understand that the words you say are real and true and meaningful.


Post Script

After writing this piece, I had the following occur to me:

We see the world, not as it is, but rather as we are! And in our delusion we sometimes forget that our perspective is just one of many possible points of view. We are addicted to being right at all costs. Today I had a #breakthrough that will change my life forever. You see, I had my heart broken in the past. Things happened to me in life that made me feel betrayed, disappointed and unable to trust. So much so that when someone said the words I Love You to me, it made me uncomfortable, defensive, on guard, and skeptical. I thought for sure they were fake, lying, going to hurt me, or just abusing their power of speech. Today I realized that it's not them, it's me. I got that I had certain stories in my head about what love looks like. I suddenly realized that love doesn't demand or expect or anticipate. I realized that I didn't need someone to prove or show me that they loved me. All I need to do is accept that love and let it be, whatever it means to them. I wrote a blog article previously which I will soon take down because I got it all wrong. It was my hurt talking. I am so thankful to #Landmark for helping me to embrace #love, in whatever shape or form it comes in without having any demands, expectations, or qualifications or definitions. I choose to allow love into my life. I choose to BE the kind of LOVE I wish to experience. Thank you Universe for the #priceless gift I have received tonight. I'm ready.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Ugly Truth About Beauty Pageants

When I was 22 years old I moved to St Thomas, a US Virgin Island, for a year.  I had finished my BA in Psychobiology from UC Santa Cruz in 3 years and did an internship at Cornell University for a year and I wanted to take time to "find myself" before jumping into graduate school.  I had decided that conventional medical school was not for me because I was turned off by the toxic medications and their "side-effects" as well as all the politics around medicine and how impersonal and uncaring the practice of conventional medicine has become, with insurance companies dictating how much time doctors are allotted to spend with patients.  That  combined with my bad experience volunteering as a nurse's assistant, pushed me away from wanting to be an MD.  On top of that, I was never good at standardized test-taking and the MCAT was not my friend.  I didn't want to be part of that money-centered business and I also wanted to choose a career path which I would enjoy the journey.  Since I didn't know what to do, I took some time to figure it out.

I considered getting an MBA and going into biotechnology.  So I took some business, accounting, and computer courses at the University of The Virgin Islands and applied to a few top schools.   Luckily, I didn't get in to any of them probably because my GMAT scores were not impressive enough.  I say luckily because if I didn't get rejected then I wouldn't be doing what I am doing now, which I am so lucky to be doing.  But I digress....

While I was there, besides taking classes, I also waited tables at the Hard Rock Cafe, worked part time in a retail store and also at another fine dining restaurant called Agave Terrace.  I made enough to pay my bills and my tuition.  During my final month there I got scuba certified I went island hopping all over the Caribbean for a month with my step-brother.

While living in St Thomas, my boyfriend at the time encouraged me to enter a beauty contest which was being held at the restaurant adjacent to where we worked.  I hadn't really considered it but he was motivated by the FREE trip to Las Vegas for the winner to attend the international pageant.  Well, he talked me into competing and I entered the pageant.

The pageant was well attended by all the locals and I became the undisputed winner of the title.  Following the initial pageant which included only women from St Thomas, I had to compete in a second pageant against women from St John and St Croix, the other 2 US Virgin Islands.  Following that victory, I was awarded the crown, sash and title for MISS HAWAIIAN TROPIC OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS.  I won the trip to Vegas!  Unfortunately the trip was only for one person and my boyfriend did not attend with me, but my parents who live in California met me there and supported me in all the segments of the pageant.  My favorite was the fashion show.  I totally rocked it!

So what's the point of this story, you may be asking yourself.  Well here it comes!  When I got to Vegas, all the contestants were given a Hawaiian Tropic gym bag, filled with sun screen, and other gear and prizes.  In the goodie bag was also a magazine of theirs from the previous year.  As I flipped through the pages I noticed that the girls in the photos were present in the pageant again the following year.  They were using recycled models.  That wasn't so bad.  What really burst my bubble, was very upsetting, albeit eye-opening was when I saw one of their recycled beauties wearing a sash that said MISS HAWAIIAN TROPIC OF ST JOHN.  Wait a minute!?!  I was supposed to be MISS HAWAIIAN TROPIC OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS, I won 2 pageants fair and square to earn that title and they just gave away part of my territory, what was going on?  Was this some sort of a mistake?  I asked the girl if she was from St John and she said, "No, I'm from Alabama, they just gave me this sash."  What the what!?!  I was crushed.  My whole illusion of fairness and pageants just crumbled before me.  What to do?  I was demoted to 1/3 of my true title and was now just MISS HAWAIIAN TROPIC OF ST THOMAS.  It wasn't fair.  I guess that was my first real world taste of "life isn't fair."

Then more ugly things were happening all around me.  There were supposed to be 10 finalists.  All of them were pre-picked of course.  However, during the course of the week of pageant events, we noticed Miss Russia was ALL OVER the judges.  And guess what?  That year there was an 11th finalist.  Guess who?  Miss Russia.  Surprise Surprise.

Pictured above is me with the Trumpster himself 
at the HT costume party in Vegas.  I was a pirate.

Another appalling thing that happened was that the 16 year old MISS ISRAEL was being hit on by THE DONALD.  He offered to fly her back on his private jet to New York.  When she told him that she was traveling with her mother, he said that there wasn't room for her mother on the plane.  She declined his invitation.

So my experience of pageants was pretty negative you could say.  I was very naive and then to see all that corruption right before my eyes was heart-breaking and disappointing.  I thought the illusion was real but I learned the ugly truth.

Did I mention that a representative from Playboy magazine was there scouting the girls?  Luckily I didn't make a bad decision that I would regret now that I am a doctor!  There are some things that money can't buy and dignity is one of them!  I also observed that an estimated 80% of the girls in the international Hawaiian Tropic pageant had boob jobs.  Fake body parts should disqualify a contestant in my humble opinion!

Why am I posting this story now, many years after it happened? Good question! I recently learned that, once again, in a different pageant, someone who lives in one state was given a pageant title for another State. That was the trigger. I guess Hawaiian Tropic is not the only corrupt pageant who adopts the dishonest tactics of just giving people sashes when they aren't actually from that place.  Why?  Why participate in a deliberately dishonest scheme?  Is it THAT important to be recognized as a "beauty queen" that you have to LIE about where you're from?  What kind of false representation is that?  Why stand for something that is fake, misleading, phony and unkosher?  How rude and disrespectful is that to the girls who are actually from the state you represent?  As if none of them are pretty enough to be selected.  They need a fake representative for a pageant?  It's outrageous if you ask me.  The pageant does it to look good because they want to fill the spots instead of actually presenting what is true and real and authentic.  So what if you don't have someone from all 50 states?

People will stoop to anything for a shot in the spotlight, for a moment of fame, for the chance to launch their desired money-making modeling career.  But you know what happens when you stack your deck of cards without a solid foundation?  It crumbles.  In the end, nothing stands besides the truth.  People who lie and cheat and steal to get to the top end up miserable.  Especially if they have any shred of a conscience.  That conscience will eat away at their soul and not allow them to enjoy their "success."  They will be depressed insomniacs.  I would never encourage my daughter to do such a thing.  I think it is immoral and disgusting.  Just be real.  And if you don't win the pageant in the State you're from, it wasn't your destiny honey!  Let it go!

The bottom line is I think it comes down to poor self-esteem in these women who are competing with fake sashes.  Beauty pageants are objectifying and degrading towards women.  I can say that because I have been on the inside and it ain't pretty!  Our self-worth should not hang on how HOT we look in a bikini and an evening gown.  Platform?  Give me a break.  If you want to save the world go start a non-profit and do it in humility and grace not with a fake diamond tiara on your head.  Get real.  Do the right thing.  Stop trying to impress others with your lies.  It does just the opposite.  Getting to the top by being untruthful?  Where is the integrity in that?  Yeah, good luck with that.  Karma is a you know what.  Break a leg girl, break a leg.

Post Script: While living in the Virgin Islands, I did an internet search for "natural medicine" and found Bastyr University.  It was what I always wanted but never knew existed: evidence-based natural medicine and it's patient-centered, not profit-centered.  I became a naturopathic doctor and got a master's in acupuncture. Above is a picture from a photoshoot taken while on my first job after school as an acupuncture physician on a cruise ship.  That is why I am glad I didn't get into business school!  I never would have had a 2 year paid "vacation" traveling around the world helping people to heal with natural medicine.  My profession is so rewarding.  I feel it is an honor and a privilege to be part of someone's healing journey.

In terms of beauty, I have divorced myself from society's conventional standards and refuse to dye my premature grey.  Although I am in my 30s and get a lot of slack for sporting my silver locks, I refuse to allow my self-worth to hang on others who judge and think they can dictate how I am supposed to look or feel based on an external superficial unimportant factor such as the color of my hair.  Seriously?  Get a life!  Is that what matters to people?  Someone else's hair color?  I have bigger fish to fry!  I can't be bothered by people's own insecurities projected onto me.  Ha!

I have always been a rebel at heart and I feel that women are beautiful when they are comfortable in their own skin.  My platform?  Simple.  BE YOU.  Failure is a part of life, accept it.  Learn from it, grow, move on.  Don't sell yourself short.  Modeling isn't all that.  I decided a long time ago that I wanted to be remembered for the contributions of my brain, not because of a pretty face or body.  Those exterior things are just the wrapping, what's important is what's inside!

So I stand for people being true to themselves, being honest with others, and being real.  When people see that I have the courage to authentically be me without conforming to society's "norms" by hiding behind dye, it gives them the permission to be themselves in whatever way they were holding back their full light and expression from the world.  By just being myself, I can have the effect of liberating others' freedom of full self-expression.  Now that's way more powerful than a spread in Vogue magazine!  Think about it!  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Open Letter to Matisyahu

I would like to congratulate you Matisyahu for being a man and I am not referring to your gender. In today's day and age, it takes real character, real strength, and real effort to be a real man. There are many boys walking around in men's bodies, but there are very few men out there.

What is it to be a man? In our Jewish heritage we have the Yiddish term mensch which we use to describe a "good" man. But what the word really means is "one who struggles." In life, we all have our personal battles and it's our choice how we respond. We can act in FEAR: Forget Everything And Run or we can choose to respond in a more enlightened way: Face Everything And Rise. You have chosen the latter and that takes great courage. It takes a big person to do the right thing because doing the right thing often requires self-sacrifice, taking the harder road, doing unfamiliar and/or uncomfortable things, stretching out of your comfort zone, taking risks, confronting others, being accused of betrayal, being misunderstood, being negatively judged and so on.

Matis, you have struggled and you have prevailed and thus you really earn the title mensch in my book!

Specifically, I wish to publicly say KUDOS to you for the way you have handled being a father to all of your children. I found it so heart-warming the way you have accepted, embraced, and taken pride in your daughter regardless of the circumstances that she came to be here.  

I also have a child out of wedlock and it has not been an easy path. There are many people who judge and criticize and disrespect people like us for our choices in handling the cards we were dealt in life. I can't imagine what that would be like under the microscope of being a public figure and having to go through it on a much larger scale. It's rather daunting to even think about it.

For someone who is generally relatively (and understandably) private about his personal life, you have not kept your daughter a secret from the world. You have candidly shared pictures of her on Twitter with your fans and didn't hide the truth of her existence. I find that so brave and endearing, especially considering how sensitive you were to the judgmental critics who chastised you when you shaved your beard off and evolved in your spiritual practice.  In retrospect, maybe that past experience was to prepare you for being able to face and handle this one with greater ease?

For someone who is in the public eye to post pictures of his baby girl, without shame, is such a beautiful thing to me. That’s how a daddy is supposed to be! And not only that, because you have so many followers, you are setting a positive example for other young men who have children (who are married or not) to take responsibility for their child and to love their child and to be present for the child and to accept and embrace the situation and fatherhood and family and life no matter what shape or form it comes in! That is such a powerful message.  That is truly respectable!  

We plan, G-d laughs. Many of us are in situations that we didn't foresee and life didn't necessarily follow the fairy tales that we envisioned for ourselves and some people spend their whole lives fighting that, resisting that and not accepting what is so. Children are a blessing no matter what package it comes in.

I wish my daughter’s father behaved that maturely, compassionately, selflessly, and wisely! He hasn’t even posted a single picture of her (and she's 6 years old) and he doesn’t even have a high profile or anything—he just hasn’t come to terms with life not going as he wanted it to and he cares too much about what other people think of him.

So I want to thank you for being an example of what a man is and how a man should act. You were there for your daughter when she had her surgery and I know that you will always be there for her whenever she needs you and whenever she calls you. That is what a good person does. That is what a good parent does. That is who you have shown the world that you are. Bravo!

All the deadbeat dads who neglect and ignore their children should learn from you how a real man behaves.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for doing the inconvenient right thing, Thank you for having a heart. And thank you for sharing that heart with us. Blessings to you and your family.

Respectfully yours,

PS When you were recently here in Miami, I attended your concert at Temple Beth David. I recorded some of your beat boxing on my phone. Our Chassidic masters teach that a niggun (melody without words) is on a higher and holier level than a song/prayer with words because the melody transcends the limitation of words. When I came home I listened to the videos and noticed that one of them lended itself nicely for a rap that I am working on producing called We Be ILLin (Illuminating Love & Light). So here is our duet. The recording is bad due to the equipment not being professional but I think our song has real potential and I would love to professionally record it with you!

A couple of my songs can be found on my Sound Cloud.
I have live performances on this playlist on my Youtube Channel.
And below is my Electronic Press Kit.
I would love to have the opportunity to work with you 
and/or any of the producers that you have worked with to get on a label.
Thank you so much for your time & consideration.

more info

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

About the Artist & the Art

Although Ahuva is a naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncture physician by profession, her love for music started at a young age.  She recalls when she was a child growing up in California that she would spend hours in her room memorizing songs, singing karaoke, and writing her own raps and poems.  Her first published poem was featured in a newspaper called Bear Essentials when she was in the third grade.  She continued to write and publish through college and beyond.  Ahuva dabbled in the modeling, acting, and dancing industries.  She was crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic of the US Virgin Islands, played as an extra in a Moly Ringwald movie, and performed ballet, tap, and jazz dancing in front of large audiences from a young age. Her parents, however, encouraged her to choose a more practical and reliable career because they knew how challenging it is to break into the entertainment industry.  Ahuva put her entertainment dreams aside as she pursued her academic endeavors.

As a single mom, Ahuva found that music with themes of unity, peace, healing, and the struggles of being a single parent were just coming to her and needed an outlet.  Her mission and goal is to be the voice for creating positive social change by bringing important topics into the consciousness and awareness of the public and talking openly about them.  She started writing remakes of popular songs which often incorporate humor as a tool to express these often difficult topics that many people could relate to but not a lot of people are singing about.  Music became an instrument of self-expression, story-telling, and connecting with others as well as a means of bringing forth the positive societal changes and transformations that she wishes to see.  Her music is not about showcasing her voice, it is about her sharing her important messages: Messages of healing, peace, unity, personal transformation and transcendence over common challenges.

Her first song entitled DARKSIDE explores date rape, domestic violence, dead beat dads and body image issues/eating disorders and is dedicated to prevention and healing of emotional trauma. Everyone has either experienced one or more of these issues personally or knows someone who has. Ahuva is bringing these matters into her music because awareness of the problem is necessary for healing to begin. It is not about placing blame or guilt or shame. It is about taking responsibility for our lives and committing ourselves to being better people. We all have a dark side. We all have areas in our lives that need healing. Ahuva's music keeps it real and reminds us that we all need to work on ourselves in order to make the world a better place. World peace begins with inner peace and if each person works on him or herself to be better, then we have made a step in the right direction! Here is a hyperlink to her song DARKSIDE.  

As a practitioner of the holistic healing arts, Ahuva's passion is to help others to heal themselves using natural medicine and she is now using music as a tool for achieving the same outcome.  Having been a doctor for over 11 years, Ahuva saw many patients who had unsuccessful results with conventional medicine and were so thrilled when they tried acupuncture, nutrition, natural supplements and exercise and saw positive changes.  Ahuva is now passionate about using music as an instrument to educate the public about healthy lifestyle factors that can help transform one's health and wellbeing for the better.  By telling her story with humor and charm, her song We Be Illin' achieves her goals.

Through the vehicle of conscious hip-hop and conscious rap. Ahuva wishes to connect to, share with, and positively effect all the people that cross her path whether in person, through social media, or through her music.  Her uplifting messages of unity, peace, healing, and positive transformation conveyed with funky beats, humor, and genuine heart and spirit are sure to be a hit!  It's more than music.  It's a revolution!!!

Contact (786)537-0988

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