Monday, June 15, 2015

Understanding Caitlyn

Gender, Sexuality, and Morality

A colleague of mine who has written books about communicating with angels once told me that men are gay* or trans because in a previous lifetime (or in many previous lifetimes) they were incarnated as women and the soul remained attached to their previous way of being/incarnation and was unable or unwilling to detach from those unconscious "memories" of a previous lifetime resulting in sexual orientation issues and issues of self-acceptance, and feeling like they were born the "wrong" sex or that there was some kind of genetic or biological mistake etc.  That is why, she claims, men can feel like deep down inside they are a woman, when they chromosomally aren't. 

It's a kind of spiritual maladjustment matter and a rejection of what is so in the present reality/incarnation.  I know some people will think that sounds totally absurd but it seems plausible to me, unless you have a better explanation.  I do like to try to understand things although I acknowledge that some things are beyond rationalization and human comprehension. 

The purpose of this post is not to ridicule, harm, disrespect or otherwise offend Jenner or anyone else who is trans, gay or any other orientation or lifestyle.  I am merely trying to understand and make sense of the perplexing world around me.  Frankly I don't understand it and the above explanation is the only thing that makes sense to me at the moment.  

I do not condone hate speech, homophobia, or cyber-bullying.  I am just expressing an idea that I would like to peacefully discuss with polite people.  I do not wish to shame, judge, or otherwise negatively portray anyone.  I am just seeking the truth.

I do believe in the sanctity of the bible and it was sexual immorality (men laying with men is defined in the bible as an abomination--not my words, God's) that caused the destruction of Sodom & Gemmora and the great Flood that only Noah and his family survived.  As we know, history repeats itself and if this grand pandemic sexual confusion and spiritual dis-ease is not indicative of an impending apocalypse, I don't know what is.  Perhaps nuclear Iran was part of the Creators plan based on all the chaos that is going on down here.  This could be the end of the world as we know it.  Iran hates the Western world and civilization.  My only hope is that they accidentally blow themselves up before they have a chance to unleash their fury on us.

But I digress... if a child of mine came out as gay or trans I would love and accept that child no matter what.  I would not want my child to undergo elective plastic surgery because of the potential life-threatening risk--remember Michael Jackson did not wake up from the anesthesia that he was given!  Moreover, I do not believe that a physical surgery can correct a spiritual malady.

I wonder if science will ever be able to pinpoint what makes a person gay or trans.  Genetics, brain chemistry, environmental influences, clinging to past-life unconscious memories, failure of the soul to accept and integrate into the present incarnation, or perhaps a combination of the above factors... or maybe just because they are.

*Naturally the same idea applies to lesbians.

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