Friday, October 16, 2015

Origins of the Middle East Conflict

The history of the Middle East conflict is as follows: 

Abraham and Sara were barren. Sara told Abraham to take her servant Hagar and have a child with her since they could not conceive. Thus Ishmael was born. Miraculously Sara conceived and bore Isaac. Ishmael was jealous of Isaac because Isaac's mother was Abraham's beloved wife Sara, while his mother was the simple servant of Sara and the couple. For this reason, Ishmael terrorized Isaac. Sara saw in prophecy that if the 2 boys were not separated that Ishmael would end up killing Isaac. Abraham was reluctant to exile Hagar and Ishmael but because Ishmael was evil, he HAD to go! God intervened and told Abraham, "Everything that Sara says, you should listen to her!" Abraham gave 100% of his inheritance to Issac and sent Ishmael away with blessings that he should be a great nation.
Ever since then, the sons of Ishmael (Father of Islam/Muslims/Arabs) have been attacking the sons of Isaac (Jewish People/Israelites/Hebrews) because of their inferiority complex and inability to accept reality. This is the history of the middle east conflict. Ishmael, the blood thirsty hunter wants Isaac the quiet one dead. If Ishmael gets a piece of Isaac's inheritance, Ishmael will STILL not be satisfied. Ishmael will not be happy until he is his father's only son, the way he used to be and gets the ENTIRE inheritance. He never got over that. He never accepted the present reality of Isaac or Isaac's right to exist and that Abraham loved Isaac more since he was the son of Sara. Peace is not possible with a nation that denies one's right to exist, is full of hatred and violence and barbaric and without morals or any reverence for human life.