Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Politics is a filthy world where insecurities, fears and shadows are projected on to the opponent. What we say about others, really means NOTHING about them, and reveals EVERYTHING about us! Let’s take a look at actions and reactions and make some logical conclusions:
TRUMP: I am bringing the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel).
LIBERALS: So what? You will ALWAYS be an antisemite in our minds no matter what you do. We HATE you and will fight you til the end!
TRUMP: My daughter, who I love very much, is Jewish.
LIBERALS: We don’t care! You are a NAZI! We HATE you (and will maintain our hatred regardless if your actions prove us wrong!)
TRUMP: I picked Jared Kushner, an Orthodox JEW, to be my main adviser. Many of my decisions pass by him.
LIBERALS: We HATE you and still believe that you are a KKK leader because you didn’t condemn their support of you during your presidential campaign (like we wanted you to).
TRUMP: I picked my cabinet! (over 50% are Blacks and minorities) I am so excited to move our nation to greatness along with these fine people.
LIBERALS: Your cabinet proves nothing! You are a WHITE SUPREMACIST and RACIST! We are going to block and delay your picks and make your life miserable!!!! We are going to make you wish you were never born. We HATE you and call for your resignation or assassination!!! We don’t care which, just GO AWAY!!!
TRUMP: In response to ISIS, my efforts to combat terror include taking strong measures to increase national security and border control.
LIBERALS: HITLER!!! We must resist, me must protest, we must boycott, we must get this man impeached!
TRUMP: My wife and daughter will be working together in DC on improving women’s issues in this country.
LIBERALS: BS! You are a MISOGYNIST! We are going to fight you tooth and nail (and wear vaginas on our heads to prove our point that you are disgusting)!
TRUMP: I placed women in the highest seats of government including my cabinet and gave them prestigious positions of leadership and power.
LIBERALS: We are going to oppose every single one of your RACIST picks. We HATE you!
TRUMP: I met with Bibi Netanyahu to discuss strengthening ties with our only democratic ally in the middle east, ISRAEL.
LIBERALS: We HATE you and insist you are an antisemite because you failed to properly answer the reporter’s question in the press conference about what are you going to do regarding the recent bomb threats to the JCCs across the country. You are despicable, repulsive, and a disgrace to this country. You are NOT my president. I am ashamed of you!
In the above actions and reactions, if we are objective, it is plain to see who the real problem is. The real problem is the haters. Once we decide a person is an evil super-villain, is there NOTHING that person can say or do to change your mind? If your mind is unchangeable my friends, YOU are the problem and you are projecting your fears, biases, insecurities and shadows on to him. Trump is FAR from perfect. His response to the reporter was NOT ideal but I believe he deserves to be given a chance. He will make plenty of mistakes, but I believe his intentions are genuine and good. Calling him 45 is a disgusting act of verbal or cyber annihilation similar to the number tattoos that the Nazi’s gave the Jews. I have a couple friends who are doing this and I find it so offensive that I often contemplate ending the friendship because I do not wish to associate myself with people who can justify reducing other human beings into numbers and stripping them of their humanity.
Relationships are like mirrors. Everything that we hate about Trump are things that we disown, reject, and subconsciously hate about ourselves. Don’t hate the mirror, instead go deep inside and deal with your own psyche that is screaming out for healing and attention. Maybe one day you can even thank Trump for being the impetus to show you the aspects of yourself that needed nurturing and healing.

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