Monday, December 31, 2018

Your Imperfections Are Perfect!

I can give you at least 2 reasons to be happy with what you already have.

Reason 1 It doesn't always work out as you planned. Transformation in the wrong direction...

Reason 2 From beauty to beast, bigger isn't better.  Your face isn't Texas. 

You can find dozens more reasons online.  Stop trying to fix your face, it's already perfect as it is.  Unless you were born with a cleft palate or developed skin cancer or some kind of dermatological condition that needs to be fixed, please don't go messing with your face to try to improve what you were given. You really are enough and you really have enough natural beauty.  Believe it and bring it out by working on your confidence and self worth.

People like Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers had so many procedures, it killed them in the end.  Too much unnecessary medical intervention is deadly!  A doctor with morals, values and a conscious would not be performing botox and other procedures on a 19 year old beautiful girl for example.  What this girl is missing is self-esteem, not collagen.  Her fixing her face is a form of self-hatred and rejecting who she is and wanting to change her outside when what really needs to change is her inside (thoughts, attitude, beliefs, confidence etc).

And isn't it ironic that people do things to make them more attractive and it actually makes them MUCH less attractive?  Elective procedures make people's features look exaggerated, unhuman, unnatural and even grotesque.  

Like in everything in life, we must assess the risk or the cost to benefit ratio before proceeding.  In this article, the ethical anesthetist gives links to many cases of people who died from elective procedures. 

"As an anaesthetist I assess sick patients booked for surgery to treat disease. Sometimes after open discussions between the patient, surgeon and myself we decide that the risks of operation exceed the benefits. This decision, that their quality of life is greater through avoiding surgery, is never made easily.

There is no medical benefit to cosmetic procedures and there is significant risk of immediate and long term harm. Any perceived psychological benefits are influenced by the heavy advertising people are subjected to. Societal pressure impairs people’s ability to accept their own natural beauty."

If you would have told someone in the 1940s (during the Polio epidemic) that people would be purposely having their facial muscles paralyzed in the future, they would think you were crazy.  I think we, as a society, are really acting crazy.  Risking death to fill already beautiful people with plastic parts (silicon, saline etc) is indeed crazy.  It shows that we value a perceived "perfection" over life itself.  It shows that we care more about how we look than anything else.   It shows that we reject our imperfections, both our inner and outer flaws.  It shows that we don't believe G-d knew what he was doing.  It shows that we are not happy with ourselves.  It shows that we can't accept ourselves or others the way that we/they are.  Isn't this a pity?  Isn't it tragic?  How did we become such vain beings?  

Being human, by definition means having flaws.  All kinds of flaws.  We are perfectly imperfect beings.  We can accept, embrace and acknowledge that without thinking any less of ourselves!  It's okay, you have permission to have expression lines, scars, stretch marks, freckles, small breasts, a big nose... it's ALL GOOD, It's all from G-d!

I will never understand why people elect to inject Botulism organism a (botox) in their forehead which is so close to their brains and think that there could be no long term detrimental consequences. Who would have thought self induced facial paralysis would be a thing?

I had a 19 year old patient in drug rehab who already started with botox. This person needs to work on self-esteem issues and not on fixing problems that don't exist. Perhaps obsessing over her image is her way of evading her negative emotions.

I think people should work on fixing their inner flaws instead of being fixated on their outer appearance. If you don't want to leave your face alone, at least try something benign such as facial acupuncture, it has similar effects with side benefits such as better health and vitality and does not involve shooting toxins into your face.

People don't realize the risks involved in these common procedures.  There is evidence that botox does alter the brain and the implications are not yet fully understood.

Today I took a fitness class in Aventura, FL (an affluent neighborhood). One of the ladies in the class was obviously older with a noticeably stretched out face. It is so obvious that she had work done. Who do people think they are fooling? No one thinks she looks 10 or 20 years younger than her actual age. Her age is plainly visible even though the lines are gone. The only fool she is fooling is herself.

I know this is mean but I'm going to say it anyway. Botox does not fix ugly. You do not become a more beautiful version of yourself because you got rid of your wrinkles. You still look like yourself. You cannot become beautiful by erasing some expression lines. All you did was erase your expressions but we can still see your neck for example and all the original facial features. 

Aging is something that we should embrace. Not everyone gets to age, it is a gift given to the lucky. We should accept it and welcome it with grace and humility instead of fighting it and resisting it as if it makes us somehow better or more worthy of being loved

Everyone should feel beautiful and confident about themselves but that shouldn't entail feeling the need to inject your face with a toxin. We don't know the long term effects of botulism on the brain. What if in 20 years from now it was pulled off the market like many drugs have been and deemed unsafe? I wouldn't want to be that Guinea pig with regrets.

For natural facial rejuvenation I recommend facial lymphatic drainage massage which you can do on yourself using YouTube tutorials, galvanic micro-current wand (you can buy online), using a cleanser, applying hyaluronic acid containing serums, dead sea mask, periodic facials, drinking lots of water, eating a clean nutritious diet, good sleep, meditation and stress reduction. Your attitude and outlook on life is reflected on your face.

Please don't give in to the high pressures of your peers and society to do unnecessary elective procedures. Vanity isn't worth permanent brain damage or worse!

You are already beautiful just the way you are!

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